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Vision Exams

Dr Sloan will begin the vision exam by listening to you and any problems you are having with your vision and eye comfort. He will then do testing to determine your prescription as well as the health of your eyes. Based on his finding, Dr Sloan will discuss with you the options available to maintain comfortable clear vision.

RGP & Specialty Contact Lens Evaluations

We take great pride in providing new and existing patient wearing hard contacts the best comfort and vision possible. Dr Sloan and Dr Pachmann are experts in evaluating and fitting patients with normal eyes and those patients who have eye conditions such as keratoconus, neurotropic keratitis, and corneal transplants.

Soft Contact Lens Evaluations

Dr Sloan will insure that the contacts you receive provide both the best vision and the best comfort. At every visit, Dr Sloan will discuss your lifestyle and vision needs to determine which type of lens is best for you. Whether it is switching to a daily replacement lens, treating your allergy or dry eye conditions, or wearing glasses part time Dr Sloan will do whatever he can to make your eyes more comfortable.  

Diabetic & Medical Eye Exams

Dr. Sloan has the experience and necessary equipment to diagnose and treat many diseases that affect the eye including diabetes, corneal abrasions, and eye infections. If you need a referral, Dr Sloan will send you to one of our trusted specialists for further evaluation.

Refractive Surgery & LASIK

Dr Sloan only works with the most experienced surgeons in the San Fernando Valley. He has co-managed numerous patients who have had successful LASIK and Cataract surgeries. Dr Sloan will take the time to explain what options are available to you in order to maximize your outcome with the best and most comfortable vision possible.   


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